Rossa di Treviso Tardiva- Candy Stick Chicory

Italy is the land of Chicory, there are hundreds of old heirloom varieties. Some of the most famous are grown in the fertile plains near Treviso in North Central Italy. Rossa di treviso Tardiva is one of the premier heirloom varieties grown by farmers in that region. It is a very special variety that commands a high price. It is used many "gourmet" dishes and has a taste all its own. Joe was told that it is really a sweet variety-- supposedly meaning that it has little to no bitterness. This is a late maturing variety that likes cool weather to be its best. In Italy they were harvesting it in January. It will grow to perfection in a place with a long season that gets gradually cooler rather than bitter cold. It probably is a good late/summer fall crop for milder regions. It won't thrive in the hot desert or places, and it cannot mature in places that get too cold too quick in the fall.


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