Goldendale, WA
September 22, 2013
Sweet but tempermental
Easy to Grow 1.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

What are the pros? sweet flavor

What are the cons? hard to grow


I have to agree with the other reviews about the difficulty in starting these seeds. I live in PNW, sowed this seed early May, took 9 days to emerge. Transplanted outdoors early June. Leaves looked yellow, found out this was normal. Plants struggled to grow, 2 out of 6 plants died. My husband overwatered the plants when the fruit set and one melon rotted. We backed off watering once the next melon on the vine ripened. We were rewarded with the sweetest tasting watermelon we have ever grown even though we did not wait for it to turn pure yellow like the picture in your catalog. It had numerous large seeds in the cavity of the melon which would be great for a watermelon spitting contest! Not sure if I want to go through the process of planting this variety due to its tempermental growing pattern. Out of 4 plants, we harvested 8 melons!

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