Salsola soda, Agretti

This is one of Joe's favorite greens from Italy. Although the plant is by no means only found in Italy, it is the only place where it is really commonly eaten on a grand scale. This plant is great for cooler regions, or planting in the early spring after the danger of hard frost is past. It is a rather unusual plant, no matter how good the seed is that one gets, it has an overall reputation of being a spotty germinator. This is an excellent crop for "marginal" zones where there is salt build-up because it is a halophyte-- salt loving plant. In Italy the young plants are harvested and boiled till just slightly crunchy and seasoned with olive oil, herbs and salt. It is a very special vegetable that we hope really catches on with Americans! The seeds need cool conditions to germinate, it is not a hot weather plant!


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