Oslo, Oslo, Norway
October 1, 2017
Late harvest
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 1.5

What are the pros? Hardy, robust plants

What are the cons? Very long wait for ripe fruit


These were recommended for our cold climate garden. All the seeds I planted took, and during spring they grew to six robust plants. They were raised inside the first weeks, and then put outside to continue their growth in individual pots (22 litres). This required a continuous monitoring of the water level. We had no hot house, but plently of sun. The plants started blooming early, and continues to bloom even now when the temperature has crept down to 50 degrees fahrenheit, along with the fruits that continue growing. However, the tomatoes resists ripening. Though I counted over 150 fruits altogether in early August, most of them are still unripe (it's the first of October!). Only a few tomatoes will ripen at a time, and never on the same vine. I have been successful in taking the fruits that have begun ripening inside and finishing them there,Though they make a good sauce, they have a tobacco-ish smell and flavour, and lack sweetness. They were not good raw. Smaller variety next year.

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