prague, NE, United States
January 5, 2018
My Go To Tomato
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

What are the pros? Sauce or Salsa

What are the cons? Nothing


Great tomato flavor and not overly sweet- so easy to use for salsa or a sauce. Low water content so processing time is minimal. Can cut off top and squeeze into food processor after blanched. Perfect size for this. KEEP WELL MULCHED so the moisture level stays even. 1 inch of water per week. I don't prune at all, just initial suckers. Blossom End Rot happens when it's allowed to dry out. The roots can't absorb the calcium that's already there. They shut down until hydrated again, so you'll have BER until then. Big root systems help, so a contained system would be a challenge for it. Since they're for canning, I don't rush them. I have a few early varieties for that purpose. Again, keep well mulched and grow a massive root system to support heavy production. Most soils have plenty of calcium already...they just need to be hydrated to absorb it.

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