Sehsapsing- Delaware Black Flour Corn

We acquired Sehsapsing Delaware Black Flour Corn from William Woys Weaver, a rare seeds expert and seed saver. Walton Galinat, native American corn specialist in Waltham, Massachusetts, supplied the original genetic material in 1975, but before that Gladys Tantequidgeon, a Mohegan ethnographer sent William very old seed. Thus, his strain is derived from a blend of several Native American sources and has been grown to be free of GMO pollution. Sehsapsing produces 6 to 8 foot plants, with 1 to 2 cobs low on the stalks. Each ear is small, 7 to 8 inches in length with 8 rows per cob. This was a classic ceremonial corn of the Lenape/Delaware peoples recorded as early as the 1640s. When young, in the milk stage, the corn was eaten raw as sweet corn or roasted to caramelize it for winter dishes. In the mature stage it makes extraordinary cornmeal for grits. Extremely rare. Grown in genetic isolation for the Roughwood Seed Collection at Field’s Edge Farm, Litiz, Pennsylvania.


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