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Seeing Chris Carter climb a tree isn’t much different than seeing a monkey do so. Chris has been given the nickname “ Coconut Chris” because of his tree climbing prowess.

Chris is a local celebrity on the Big Island of Hawaii where he maintains a permaculture garden that is truly a wonderland. He has dozens of varieties of rare Hawaiian bananas, some of them that he found on hiking expeditions to remote valleys on the island.  There are hundreds of fruits and vegetables growing in Chris’s gardens and people come from near and far to see them.  Chris has spent years planting fruit trees all over his beloved Waipio Valley.  Anywhere that one goes with Chris in the valley there are delectable fruits to pick even in the forests.  Chris also runs a volunteer training/ apprentice program to introduce modern folk to the art of serious permaculture gardening in a tropical setting.  Each year Chris welcomes gardeners from around the world.  They find him on websites and also on the WOOFER platform. His farm is clearly unique and his own lifestyle gives it a definite personality of it’s own.  Chris himself is a raw vegan who basically does not eat any processed foods.  He drinks only stream water, and when he travels he takes with him a glass jug of his own “untamed” water.  Visitors to the farm are selected partly for their ability to adapt to Chris’s vegan agenda and many temporarily accept his agenda to experience its merits.

Web-edit-If you are interested in a real life learning work experience led by a master in beautiful Hawaii you are welcome to contact Chris at:





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