Squash Summer, Pineapple

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95 days. Young fruit are delicious as summer squash and mature fruit make incredible stuffed squash. In 1884, the Burpees catalog introduced the Pineapple squash with much excitement. Burpees hailed it as one of the most fine-grained squashes around, well suited to cooking as an immature summer squash or as a mature winter squash. We have to agree! Countless seedsman who offered Pineapple squash in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Cream colored, fluted, acorn-type fruits have about ten finger-like ribs that protrude from the sides of each squash. Also makes an excellent ornamental type for fall decoration. In 1885 by James J.H. Gregory’s Retail Catalogue, which said, “A peculiar, striking-looking variety... Very fine grained and smooth to the taste.”

  • Full Sun
  • Sprouts in 5-10 Days
  • Ideal Temperature: 70-95 Degrees F
  • Seed Depth: 1/2-1 inch
  • Plant Spacing: 18-36"
  • Frost Hardy: No
  • Cucurbita pepo

Growing Tips: Direct seed, or set out transplants after last frost date. Don’t let transplants become rootbound; don't disturb roots while transplanting. Needs rich soil. Harvest when rinds become very hard.

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Minimum Seed Count: 20
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