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San Diego, CA
July 22, 2013
Lovely charming but colors
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Loads of flowers early in year

What are the cons? Never a blue flower!


I adore Four O'Clocks, and the Stars and Stripes mix is lovely, but no matter how often I plant this mix from seed, I always wind up with a million splashed rose (pale pink) flowers, a handfull of splashed yellow flowers, and no red, white, or blue flowers (where's the patriotism??). Here in San Diego, I can plant in late February and start enjoying blooms in late April. I've saved the tubers, collected the seeds, and purchased fresh seeds -- all three have high germination rates. These plants grow to approximately three feet tall and do extremely well in containers (although I have had my strongest plants bust right out of their clay containers). The taller plants will naturally droop a bit due to their weight, but are easily staked. I have saved the best for last: that wonderful Four O'Clock fragrance! This mix isn't as highly-perfumed as other Four O'Clocks, but that is like saying one home-grown tomato isn't quite as flavorful as another -- it's still fabulous!

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