Steel Raised Bed Level Kit

The leveling kit can be used to level your new bed on uneven ground. You can adjust each corner of the bed in increments of ½ with a max adjustment of 5. The kit includes 4 leveler brackets and 8 bolts with nuts. To install, place bed in final position. Lift the corners of the bed, to make level, then prop up with scrap wood or rocks. Place the level bracket in the corner(s) then secure with hardware as shown. Be sure the level brackets are resting on a hard surface or place a small rock or piece of wood under the bracket to stop the bracket from sinking in the ground.

*Note: These bolts are close together so the nuts will need to be tightened with a wrench or a pair of pliers.

You may decide to level the bed with rocks, bricks or something different. This is fine to do but only place the item being used to level the bed directly under the corners.

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