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Harlingen, TX
October 12, 2013
Greminating and processing
Easy to Grow 1.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

What are the pros? Mature plants easy to keep up.

What are the cons? Difficult to germinate.


They are notoriously difficult to germinate, even once sprouted seedlings are very sensitive and easy to kill!! I use a misting spray bottle to water the soil until they get 4 leaves or more. If the seedling lay down due to watering they may very well die. The bitterness talked about comes from the chlorophyll in the leaves. If you process fresh leaves by soaking in vodka or grain alcohol you can avoid the bitterness. Only soak them for 8 to 12 hours, no more! Then heat BELOW boiling point for about 45 minutes to burn off the alcohol, longer for a more concentrated mix. Careful, if allowed to boil it will break down the sugar. Storing in a dark colored bottle in the frig with make it last for 2-4 months.

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