Stinging Nettle

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
February 19, 2018
Best plant ever
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 4.5

What are the pros? 100000000

What are the cons? 0


When I was in India I was hiking with my class and suddenly I screamed and all I could see was small dots like stuff and rashes on my hands and feet the teacher said that this is an extremely rare plant used in medicines that even many people have a troubled to find ,I was only 13 years old back then im 17 now since then I GOT ABSOLUTELY NO FEVERS NO SICKNESS not even a headache I am so healthy my whole family had chicken pot I was with them living in the same room but nothing happened to me later I found that the name of the plant is (uritica dioica) I'm not sure if this is the same plant but it made my life a lot better

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