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Arikara - Sunflower - Bulk

Arikara - Sunflower - Bulk FL736B

This native variety produces 10-foot tall plants with many beautiful large,... Read More
Autumn Beauty - Sunflower - Bulk

Autumn Beauty - Sunflower - Bulk FL720B

(Helianthus annuus) A beautiful sunflower! Many 6” flowers in brilliant... Read More
Dwarf Jewel Mix - Nasturtium - Bulk

Dwarf Jewel Mix - Nasturtium - Bulk FL503B

Bright, sunny colors: yellow, pink, red, and orange. The edible flowers... Read More
Lemon Queen - Sunflower - Bulk

Lemon Queen - Sunflower - Bulk FL722B

-Best Seller!- Beautiful, lemon-yellow blooms with chocolate centers. This... Read More
Pacific Beauty Mix - Calendula - Bulk

Pacific Beauty Mix - Calendula - Bulk FL200B

Lovely flowers up to 4” in colors of orange, apricot, yellow, peach, and... Read More
Teddy Bear - Sunflower - Bulk

Teddy Bear - Sunflower - Bulk FL724B

Beautiful 3”- 6” double, deep yellow blooms. Plants grow to only 18”- 24”... Read More
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