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Arikara Sunflower

Arikara Sunflower FL736

This native variety produces 10-foot tall plants with many beautiful large,... Read More
Autumn Beauty Sunflower

Autumn Beauty Sunflower FL720

(Helianthus annuus) A beautiful sunflower! Many 6” flowers in brilliant... Read More
Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium

Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium FL503

Bright, sunny colors: yellow, pink, red, and orange. The edible flowers... Read More
Lemon Queen Sunflower

Lemon Queen Sunflower FL722

Beautiful, lemon-yellow blooms with chocolate centers. This one is very... Read More
Pacific Beauty Mix Calendula

Pacific Beauty Mix Calendula FL200

Lovely flowers up to 4” in colors of orange, apricot, yellow, peach, and... Read More
Teddy Bear Sunflower

Teddy Bear Sunflower FL724

Beautiful 3”- 6” double, deep yellow blooms. Plants grow to only 18”- 24”... Read More
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