(Calendula officinalis) Hardy annual. Often self-sows.

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Ball's Improved Orange - Calendula

Ball's Improved Orange - Calendula FL205

Pretty, double, 3” flowers are a deep orange color. They are great as... Read More
Orange King Calendula

Orange King Calendula FL208

Massive, double calendula flowers in a beautiful shade of brilliant orange... Read More
Pacific Beauty Mix - Calendula

Pacific Beauty Mix - Calendula FL200

Lovely flowers up to 4” in colors of orange, apricot, yellow, peach, and... Read More
Pink Surprise - Calendula

Pink Surprise - Calendula FL201

A lovely calendula with apricot flowers tinged with pink; truly something... Read More
Resina Calendula

Resina Calendula FL210

Bright yellow medium-sized daisies, with an occasional orange bloom just... Read More
Snow Princess Calendula

Snow Princess Calendula FL227

Behold an almost pure white calendula that will undergo a beautiful transformation... Read More
Solar Flashback Mix Calendula

Solar Flashback Mix Calendula FL198

A charming release from renowned breeder Frank Morton. Double flowers... Read More
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