Cockscomb & Celosia

Cockscomb & Celosia
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Celosia, Forest Fire

Celosia, Forest Fire FL176

Vivid bright scarlet flower heads really are reminiscent of flame! This... Read More
Celosia, Pampas Plume Mix

Celosia, Pampas Plume Mix FL905

(Celosia plumosa) To 28-48 inches. Full-sized plume-type celosia. The soft,... Read More
Dwarf Coral Garden Mix - Cockscomb

Dwarf Coral Garden Mix - Cockscomb FL266

(Celosia cristata) Beautiful color on short, dwarf plants, these can producelarge... Read More
Orange Peach Cockscomb

Orange Peach Cockscomb FL269

Annual, to 48”. Stunning, large, very deeply folded crested-type cockcombs... Read More

Toreador FL870

A 1955 All American Selection Winner. Super pretty, dwarf plants stand... Read More
Tornado Red Cockscomb

Tornado Red Cockscomb FL274

Massive 8-12 inch magenta heads teeter atop tall plants with lush foliage.... Read More
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