Hardy annual. Often self-sows.

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Black Magic Cosmos

Black Magic Cosmos FL242

(Cosmos atrosanguineus). Chocolate-scented cosmos, originally from the... Read More
Bright Lights Cosmos

Bright Lights Cosmos FL241

(Cosmos sulphureus) Brilliant flowers in shades of orange, yellow, and... Read More
Indonesian Kennikura Cosmos

Indonesian Kennikura Cosmos FL243

(C. sulphureus) Beautiful and tasty. Popular in Indonesian cuisine and... Read More
Rosetta Cosmos

Rosetta Cosmos FL882

Prolific 2.5-3 foot plants are covered in single to half-double striped... Read More
Rubenza Cosmos

Rubenza Cosmos FL248

(Cosmos bipinnatus) Deep rich ruby-red color is very unusual in a cosmos!... Read More
Rubinato Cosmos

Rubinato Cosmos FL152

Super dwarf red cosmos! Here’s an outstanding addition to the Cosmos clan—award-winning... Read More
Sea Shells Cosmos

Sea Shells Cosmos FL247

(Cosmos bipinnatus) Here’s something unusual for cottage gardens or for... Read More
Sensation Mix Cosmos

Sensation Mix Cosmos FL240

(C. bipinnatus) Beautiful shades of pink, crimson, white and rose. Tall... Read More
Velouette Cosmos

Velouette Cosmos FL116

Our favorite new flower for 2017! Annual that self... Read More
Xanthos Cosmos

Xanthos Cosmos FL153

“Xanthos” means “yellow”in Greek. This one comes in a focused range of... Read More
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