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Actaea Daffodil (10 Bulbs)

Actaea Daffodil (10 Bulbs) FDB106

Actaea has been a favorite poet type daffodil for over 100 years. We love... Read More
April Queen Daffodil (10 Bulbs)

April Queen Daffodil (10 Bulbs) FDB107

April Queen dates back to the 1930s and delivers classic country charm.... Read More
Barret Browning Daffodil (10 Bulbs)

Barret Browning Daffodil (10 Bulbs) FDB108

Stunning crisp clean colors make this old heirloom sing in the landscape.... Read More
Diversity Daffodil (10 Bulbs)

Diversity Daffodil (10 Bulbs) FDB102

Diversity is dainty and darling with the most charming ruffled peachy pink... Read More
Golden Spur Daffodil (10 Bulbs)

Golden Spur Daffodil (10 Bulbs) FDB109

Classic canary-yellow tones and trumpet form. This quintessential yellow... Read More
Historic Daffodil Mix (25 Bulbs)

Historic Daffodil Mix (25 Bulbs) BL202

There is a spectacular range of daffodil varieties; they showcase beautifully... Read More
L'innocence Daffodil (10 Bulbs)

L'innocence Daffodil (10 Bulbs) FDB110

This demure daffodil has graced gardens since 1930. This Tazetta type daffodil... Read More
Louise de Coligny (10 Bulbs)

Louise de Coligny (10 Bulbs) FDB111

A peachy nude nose and lightly recurved ivory petals have kept Louise de... Read More
Peeping Tom Daffodil (10 Bulbs)

Peeping Tom Daffodil (10 Bulbs) FDB101

Peeping Tom is an old favorite daffodil that dates back to the 1940s. Hardy... Read More
Queen of North Daffodil (10 Bulbs)

Queen of North Daffodil (10 Bulbs) FDB113

Since 1908 the long slender Queen of North has swayed in the breeze and... Read More
Sweet Ocean Daffodil (10 Bulbs)

Sweet Ocean Daffodil (10 Bulbs) FDB105

A fragrant and frilly daffodil with jonquil blood. The luxurious peachy... Read More
Tenuior Daffodil (10 Bulbs)

Tenuior Daffodil (10 Bulbs) FDB103

A beloved daffodil dating back to 1797! Far from outdated, this favorite... Read More
Von Sion Daffodil (10 Bulbs)

Von Sion Daffodil (10 Bulbs) FDB104

A most rugged and long lived daffodil, this frilly extra large variety... Read More
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