(Alcea rosea except as noted) Biennial.

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Double Carnival Rosy Red Hollyhock

Double Carnival Rosy Red Hollyhock FL192

Annual or biennial. Fantastic, showy 3- to 4-inch blooms are of deep rose.... Read More
Dwarf Queeny Mixed Hollyhock

Dwarf Queeny Mixed Hollyhock FL429

(Alcea rosea) Compact form, 2-3 feet high, is ideal for bedding use, small... Read More
Indian Spring Hollyhock

Indian Spring Hollyhock FL420

(Alcea rosea) Wonderful shades of soft to bright pink flowers. Tall plants... Read More
Jet Black or Nigra Hollyhock

Jet Black or Nigra Hollyhock FL421

This variety was mentioned in 1629 and was planted in the gardens at Monticello... Read More
Majorette Double Champagne Hollyhock

Majorette Double Champagne Hollyhock FL423

(Alcea rosea) Romantic, soft, blushing pink flowers with dark pink centers,... Read More
Queeny Lilac Rose Hollyhock

Queeny Lilac Rose Hollyhock FL425

(Alcea rosea) A beautiful dwarf variety in the “Queeny” series developed... Read More
Zebrina Hollyhock

Zebrina Hollyhock FL427

(Malva sylvestris) Not a true hollyhock, but growing much the same, this... Read More
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