(Tagetes patula, except as noted) Annual. Thrives in heat.

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Brocade Mix Marigold

Brocade Mix Marigold FL471

This lovely variety produces large 2” flowers on dwarf plants. A brilliant... Read More
Crackerjack Mix - Marigold, African

Crackerjack Mix - Marigold, African FL470

(Tagetes erecta) The giant African type that is popular with gardeners... Read More
Cupid Mix Marigold

Cupid Mix Marigold FL228

(Tagetes erecta) The most adorable little African marigolds for bedding!... Read More
Eskimo Marigold

Eskimo Marigold FL477

(Tagetes erecta) Knee-high plants bear graceful, large, fully double... Read More
Fantastic Yellow Gold Marigold

Fantastic Yellow Gold Marigold FL154

(Tagetes erecta) Brilliant, golden-yellow blooms are amazingly beautiful... Read More
Giant Bicolor - Marigold

Giant Bicolor - Marigold FL873

Annual--Mahogany red to searing orange, delicately edged in gold. Blooms... Read More
Gypsy Sunshine - Marigold, French

Gypsy Sunshine - Marigold, French FL472

Dwarf, bushy plants are loaded with pretty golden-yellow, double flowers.... Read More
Harlequin - Marigold, French

Harlequin - Marigold, French FL464

This antique variety dates back to 1870 and has recently become popular... Read More
Kilimanjaro White Marigold

Kilimanjaro White Marigold FL473

(Tagetes erecta) We finally have added a unique white marigold; this variety... Read More
Legion Of Honor Marigold

Legion Of Honor Marigold FL908

Dwarf charmer reaches only 12”; ideal for the front of the bed or border!... Read More
Mary Helen Marigold

Mary Helen Marigold FL467

(Tagetes erecta) Tall plants reach 3 feet. Large, bright yellow blooms... Read More
Orange Flame - Marigold

Orange Flame - Marigold FL883

We love the unique blooms on this dwarf French type! Bronzy red to orange... Read More
Orange Hawaii - Marigold, French

Orange Hawaii - Marigold, French FL462

(Tagetes erecta) Large, deep-orange flowers are 4” across, very striking... Read More
Petite Mix Marigold

Petite Mix Marigold FL474

Very dwarf mixture of the crested French Marigolds; plants only grow to... Read More
Queen Sophia Marigold

Queen Sophia Marigold FL215

Annual. Gorgeous to the point of excess! Double, deep orange-to-russet... Read More
Red Cherry - Marigold, French

Red Cherry - Marigold, French FL475

This dwarf variety produces distinctive mahogany- red flowers, which are... Read More
Sierra Formula Mix Marigold

Sierra Formula Mix Marigold FL216

(Tagetes erecta) Annual A nice mix of lemon yellow, yellow-gold, and deep... Read More
Spun Gold - Marigold

Spun Gold - Marigold FL469

(Tagetes erecta) Outstanding strain of Mexican Marigold boasts fully double... Read More
Spun Orange Marigold

Spun Orange Marigold FL920

(Tagetes erecta) Extra large, attractive, super-double flowers with tubular... Read More
Sweet Mace or Mexican Mint - Marigold, French

Sweet Mace or Mexican Mint - Marigold, French FL465

(Tagetes lucida) Enjoy this late-blooming marigold in teas and other drinks;... Read More
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