(Tropaeolum majus) Annual. Sow where plants are to grow.

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Alaska Mix - Nasturtium

Alaska Mix - Nasturtium FL500

Beautiful variegated green-and-white foliage with stunning red, yellow... Read More
Alaska Red Shades Nasturtium

Alaska Red Shades Nasturtium FL217

Annual. Stunning round-leafed nasturtium foliage is brightly variegated.... Read More
Dwarf Jewel Mix - Nasturtium

Dwarf Jewel Mix - Nasturtium FL503

Bright sunny colors: yellow, pink, red and orange. The edible flowers are... Read More
Dwarf Jewel Mix - Nasturtium 1 oz

Dwarf Jewel Mix - Nasturtium 1 oz FL503C

Bright sunny colors: yellow, pink, red and orange. The edible flowers are... Read More
Empress of India - Nasturtium

Empress of India - Nasturtium FL508

A very unique old heirloom with dark foliage and brilliant fire-red blossoms... Read More
Globe Of Fire Nasturtium

Globe Of Fire Nasturtium FL218

Annual--Semi-double and double, searing scarlet, spurred blooms held well... Read More
Jewel Peach Melba - Nasturtium

Jewel Peach Melba - Nasturtium FL507

This jewel of nasturtium breeding produces blossoms in a lovely shade of... Read More
King Theodore Nasturtium

King Theodore Nasturtium FL514

Fashionable, dark green plants have mahogany-red blooms with chocolate... Read More
Milkmaid - Nasturtium

Milkmaid - Nasturtium FL505

Here is a most unique nasturtium that is a pale, creamy color that is quite... Read More
Moonlight Nasturtium

Moonlight Nasturtium FL509

Wonderful trailing vines can grow to 7 feet and makes a great ground cover... Read More
Orange Troika Nasturtium

Orange Troika Nasturtium FL930

Annual. The tangerine blossoms are very pretty, but lots of nasturtiums... Read More
Tall Trailing Mix Nasturtium

Tall Trailing Mix Nasturtium FL511

This heirloom favorite grows up to 10 feet in a season and is perfect for... Read More
Vesuvius Nasturtium

Vesuvius Nasturtium FL516

A most desirable variety with flowers of salmon rose. We love this fascinating... Read More
Yeti - Nasturtium

Yeti - Nasturtium FL513

Named after the ape-like rare creature that legend says inhabits the Himalayas,... Read More
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