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Blue Disc African Daisy

Blue Disc African Daisy FL293

Annual. Silvery white ray flowers offset the steel-blue “eyes” or centers.... Read More
California Poppy - Purple Gleam

California Poppy - Purple Gleam WF122

Light purple-pink to dusky rose, single version of the state flower of... Read More
California Poppy - Rainbow Mix

California Poppy - Rainbow Mix WF145

The ultimate California Poppy mix! Every glorious shade on the spectrum... Read More
Gaillardia Indian Blanket - Wildflower

Gaillardia Indian Blanket - Wildflower WF111

(Gaillardia) Hardy annual. Often self-sows. Lovely, yellow, daisy-like... Read More
Gilia Globe

Gilia Globe WF135

Hardy annual. Globe-shaped, tightly-packed clusters of sky-blue to violet... Read More
Siberian Wallflower - Wildflower

Siberian Wallflower - Wildflower WF113

(Cherianthus allionii) Hardy perennial. Vibrant yellow-orange, phlox-like... Read More
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