(Zinnia elegans) Introduced from Mexico in 1800 and have been very popular ever since. They have huge flowers in many striking colors and are so easy to grow.

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Cactus Chrysanthemum Mix Zinnia

Cactus Chrysanthemum Mix Zinnia FL804

A strikingly different, large zinnia profuse with curled and quilled spiky... Read More
Cactus Giant Aztec Zinnia

Cactus Giant Aztec Zinnia FL824

A brilliant orange, cactus flowering type dahlia. These spectacular blooms... Read More
Canary Bird Zinnia

Canary Bird Zinnia FL805

Large dahlia-type blooms are a beautiful yellow, 4”-5” across. Great cut... Read More
El Dorado Zinnia

El Dorado Zinnia FL857

As reliable as it is beautiful, this medium-large double flowered zinnia... Read More
Exquisite Zinnia

Exquisite Zinnia FL829

Aptly named, this variety is nothing short of exquisite. Petals burst forth... Read More
Illumination Zinnia

Illumination Zinnia FL808

A lovely Dahlia-type zinnia with large, double blooms that are a blushing,... Read More
Macarenia Zinnia

Macarenia Zinnia FL861

Annual. Ravishing flowers look like crimson velvet laced with gold! Large... Read More
Mazurkia Zinnia

Mazurkia Zinnia FL862

Annual. Each scarlet petal is tipped in cream, and both are set off by... Read More
Meteor Zinnia

Meteor Zinnia FL817

The big, bright red zinnia—truly majestic—grows up to 5” across, being... Read More
Orange King Zinnia

Orange King Zinnia FL818

Tall plants produce big, double, bright mandarin-orange flowers. A stunning... Read More
Persian Carpet Zinnia

Persian Carpet Zinnia FL802

Stunning gold, red, chocolate, orange, and cream. Many of the 2" double... Read More
Polar Bear Zinnia

Polar Bear Zinnia FL810

The white dahlia-type zinnia with very large blooms that are quite magnificent... Read More
Purple Prince Zinnia

Purple Prince Zinnia FL836

Annual. Dahlia-flowered type is one of the tallest we’ve seen! The flowers... Read More
Queen Lime Blush Zinnia

Queen Lime Blush Zinnia FL865

The third incarnation of the queen zinnia series, we just can’t get enough... Read More
Queen Lime Orange Zinnia

Queen Lime Orange Zinnia FL867

We are enamored with this 2018 All American Selection! Perfect 2-3.5 inch... Read More
Queen Lime Red Zinnia

Queen Lime Red Zinnia FL864

Art shades in zinnias? The answer is yes! This large-flowered, dahlia type... Read More
Queen Lime Zinnia

Queen Lime Zinnia FL863

Brilliant apple-green companion to ‘Queen Lime Red’ and stunning when paired... Read More
Redman Super Cactus Zinnia

Redman Super Cactus Zinnia FL820

A magnificent, huge red-flowered variety of the giant, cactus family. These... Read More
Scabiosa Zinnia

Scabiosa Zinnia FL869

A vibrant mix of summery colors in cupcake flower form. These scabiosa... Read More
Will Rogers Zinnia

Will Rogers Zinnia FL821

This variety was named after the famous American, Will Rogers, and produces... Read More
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