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We offer a great selection of flavorful culinary types and popular medicinal varieties. Everyone should experience the joy of having fresh herbs. Notice: All statements listed in our catalog are for historical information only and are not approved by the FDA. Seek the advice of a qualified health professional before using any herbs for medicinal purposes.

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Herbs A-E
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Anise HB217

Tender perennial usually grown as an annual to 20 inches. An ancient herbal... Read More
Balm - Lemon

Balm - Lemon HB117

(Melissa officinalis) Deliciously lemon-flavored; great in tea. A vigorous,... Read More
Balm - Moldavian Dragonhead

Balm - Moldavian Dragonhead HB204

(Dracocephalum moldavicum) Eurasian native that has been cultivated for... Read More
Basil - Aromato

Basil - Aromato HB253

Lovely accent plant for the herb garden, with its columnar habit and large... Read More
Basil - Blue Spice

Basil - Blue Spice HB200

A SUPER FRAGRANT VARIETY! (O. americanum) Vigorous plant with dense spikes... Read More
Basil - Cardinal

Basil - Cardinal HB224

At last, someone has bred a basil to accentuate the stunning flower heads!... Read More
Basil - Cinnamon

Basil - Cinnamon HB104

Spicy flavor, Mexican variety with a distinct cinnamon like taste. Read More
Basil - Corsican

Basil - Corsican HB206

Mediterranean heirloom type from Napoleon’s island birthplace off the... Read More
Basil - Dark Purple Opal

Basil - Dark Purple Opal HB106

A beautiful and ornamental variety; deep purple. Italian basil flavor. Read More
Basil - Emily

Basil - Emily HB194

Compact version of the classic Genovese type that is superior for pot... Read More
Basil - Eritrean

Basil - Eritrean HB231

Native to the small country of Eritrea on the horn of Africa, this strong... Read More
Basil - Genovese

Basil - Genovese HB101

68 days. The famous Italian heirloom is very popular with many cooks. Read More
Basil - Genovese 1 oz

Basil - Genovese 1 oz HB101C

68 days. The famous Italian heirloom is very popular with many cooks. Read More
Basil - Genovese Red Freddy

Basil - Genovese Red Freddy HB219

The same large, deeply pleated leaves as Genovese that everyone loves,... Read More
Basil - Greek Dwarf

Basil - Greek Dwarf HB144

Cute little compact plants are only 6-10” tall and are great for growing... Read More
Basil - Lemon

Basil - Lemon HB107

Wonderful lemon fragrance & taste, a real culinary delight. Used regularly... Read More
Basil - Lettuce Leaf

Basil - Lettuce Leaf HB108

Amazing size and flavor! Huge 3”-5” leaves; Japanese basil with a great... Read More
Basil - Licorice

Basil - Licorice HB105

Has a strong licorice scent and flavor. Unique. Read More
Basil - Lime

Basil - Lime HB103

A unique lime-flavored basil from Thailand. Popular variety for fresh... Read More
Basil - Mammolo

Basil - Mammolo HB252

A superb container variety, Mammolo has been bred for exceptionally high... Read More
Basil - Persian

Basil - Persian HB207

Really interesting and flavorful! Known as Reyhan throughout the varied... Read More
Basil - Red Rubin

Basil - Red Rubin HB232

( Ocimum basilicum ) Deep burgundy leaves and a compact habit... Read More
Basil - Siam Queen Thai

Basil - Siam Queen Thai HB102

Very strong, clove-scented basil. This is a must for curry and all Thai... Read More
Basil - Thai Holy Kaprao

Basil - Thai Holy Kaprao HB142

A popular herb in Thai cuisine, the fragrant purplish- green leaves can... Read More
Basil - Thai Sweet

Basil - Thai Sweet HB166

Popular sweet, spicy basil that is essential in Thai cuisine. Very flavorful... Read More
Bee Balm - Lemon

Bee Balm - Lemon HB124

(Monarda citriodora) An annual, lemon-flavored variety. Superb tea plant;... Read More
Bee Balm - Red Colors

Bee Balm - Red Colors HB261

(Monarda didyma) Perennial. Beloved by ancient Native Americans as a medicinal... Read More
Betony, Purple or Hedge Nettle

Betony, Purple or Hedge Nettle HB141

(Stachys betonica) This perennial herb was highly prized in the middle... Read More
Blessed or Holy Thistle

Blessed or Holy Thistle HB156

(Cardenia benedicta) This great thistle has been used as a general tonic... Read More

Borage HB139

(Borago officinalis) Cucumber-flavored fresh leaves are added to salads,... Read More
Borage 1 oz

Borage 1 oz HB139C

(Borago officinalis) Cucumber-flavored fresh leaves are added to salads,... Read More
Burdock - Great

Burdock - Great HB197

(Arctium lappa) Renowned traditional medicinal plant in Europe, North... Read More

Caraway HB150

(Carum carvi) Delicious seeds are used for flavoring many dishes, from... Read More

Catnip HB127

(Nepeta cataria) The herb that drives cats wild is also reportedly medicinal,... Read More
Catnip - Lemon

Catnip - Lemon HB212

(Nepeta cataria) Perennial. Sturdy, nearly indestructible and very distinct... Read More
Chamomile - German

Chamomile - German HB118

(Matricaria recutita) Beautiful, small flowers make a relaxing tea with... Read More
Chamomile - Zloty Lan

Chamomile - Zloty Lan HB157

(Matricaria recutita) This Polish chamomile is bigger and higher yielding... Read More

Chervil HB188

(Anthriscus cerefolium) Traditionally used in French cooking, where the... Read More
Chinese Motherwort

Chinese Motherwort HB140

(Leonuris artemisia) Hard-to-find medicinal herb, related to Lion’s Tail... Read More
Chives - Chinese

Chives - Chinese HB111

(Allium tuberosum) These winter-tolerant chives are great for greenhouse... Read More
Chives - Common

Chives - Common HB135

Wonderful, mild onion flavor. These long, thin chives are excellent in... Read More

Cilantro HB125

(Coriandrum sativum) Popular in Mexican cuisine, this herb is a must for... Read More
Cilantro - Bulk 1 OZ.

Cilantro - Bulk 1 OZ. HB125C

(Coriandrum sativum) Popular in Mexican cuisine, this herb is a must for... Read More
Cilantro - Slo-Bolt

Cilantro - Slo-Bolt HB143

(Coriandrum sativum) This is a slow-bolting version of Cilantro/Coriander... Read More

Comfrey HB109

(Symphytum officinale) A beloved plant in the permaculture community,... Read More
Coriander - Dwarf Lemon

Coriander - Dwarf Lemon HB262

A subtle citrus flavor adds a welcome twist to this ancient herb. There... Read More
Coriander - Indian

Coriander - Indian HB120

(Coriandrum sativum) Highly scented with a citrus top note. The dark... Read More
Coriander - Large Seeded

Coriander - Large Seeded HB205

(Coriandrum sativum) Early-bolting seed type is intended for use of the... Read More
Crimson Clover

Crimson Clover GS136

Annual. Also known as Italian Clover. Nitrogen-fixing legume often grown... Read More

Cumin HB152

(Cuminum cyminum) The flavorful seeds are an important ingredient in many... Read More
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