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herbs o-z

We offer a great selection of flavorful culinary types and popular medicinal varieties. Everyone should experience the joy of having fresh herbs. Notice: All statements listed in our catalog are for historical information only and are not approved by the FDA. Seek the advice of a qualified health professional before using any herbs for medicinal purposes.

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Herbs O-Z
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Aka Hon Chirimen Shiso (Perilla)

Aka Hon Chirimen Shiso (Perilla) HB257

This stunning perilla was found in Japan where it is not only grown... Read More
Kaori Ao Oba Shiso (Perilla)

Kaori Ao Oba Shiso (Perilla) HB258

A lovely green-leafed Shiso from Japan. In Eastern medicine, Shiso... Read More
Kaori Ura Shiso (Perilla)

Kaori Ura Shiso (Perilla) HB256

This a new Baker Creek employee favorite for its stunning ornamental... Read More
Oregano - Vulgare

Oregano - Vulgare HB131

(Origanum vulgare) This is a beautiful and delicious Italian flavoring... Read More
Oregano - Wild Zaatar

Oregano - Wild Zaatar HB174

(Origanum syriaca) We offer seeds from Israel for this plant that grows... Read More
Oyster Leaf

Oyster Leaf HB178

(M. maritima) This delicious plant is aptly named for its tolerance to... Read More
Parsley - Giant Of Italy

Parsley - Giant Of Italy HB133

A very large, Italian strain of parsley with great flavor. Perfect for... Read More
Parsley - Hamburg Rooted

Parsley - Hamburg Rooted HB134

(Petroselinum crispum) This tasty heirloom dates to the pre-1600s and is... Read More
Parsley - Hamburg Rooted 1 oz

Parsley - Hamburg Rooted 1 oz HB134C

(Petroselinum crispum) This tasty heirloom dates to the pre-1600s and is... Read More

Pennyroyal HB216

(Mentha pulegium) Perennial. Short, spreading plant with clusters of lilac... Read More

Plantain HB201

English Plantain (Plantago lanceolata). Legendary herb used for centuries,... Read More
Purslane - Golden

Purslane - Golden HB222

Annual, 35 days. The same upright habit and large, tender, succulent leaves... Read More
Purslane - Green

Purslane - Green HB151

(Portulaca oleracea) Low, crawling plant produces tender stems and juicy... Read More
Rosemary (Rosy)

Rosemary (Rosy) HB218

(Rosmarina officinalis) Tender perennial to 30 inches. The plant has been... Read More
Rue - Herb O'Grace

Rue - Herb O'Grace HB191

(Ruta graveolens) Historic herb whose use dates back to ancient times—rue... Read More
Safflower - Dark Orange-Red

Safflower - Dark Orange-Red HB254

Annual. Fantastic deep orange petals that make an excellent saffron substitute.... Read More
Safflower - Grenade Mix

Safflower - Grenade Mix HB255

Annual. Creamy ivory, lemon yellow and bright saffron orange thistle-like flowers... Read More
Sage - Broad Leaf

Sage - Broad Leaf HB147

(Salvia officinalis) Used in Europe and America to flavor many meats,... Read More
Saint John's Wort

Saint John's Wort HB149

(Hypericum perforatum) This short-lived perennial is a well-investigated... Read More
Self Heal

Self Heal HB154

This is an exciting new addition! Prunella vulgaris is known by many common... Read More
Shiso (Perilla Purple Zi Su)

Shiso (Perilla Purple Zi Su) HB155

(Perilla frutescens) A beautiful and delicious plant that is very popular... Read More
Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum

Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum HB129

Chrysanthemum coronarium) Delicious green leaves are great in salads and... Read More
Sorrel - Garden

Sorrel - Garden HB260

(Rumex acestosella) Tasty, sour, pointed leaves; pretty plant and flowers. Read More
Sorrel, Green De Belleville

Sorrel, Green De Belleville HB202

(Rumex acetosa) Sorrel is appreciated in native cuisines throughout Europe... Read More

Stevia HB175

(Stevia rebaudiana) A hard-to-find herb that is grown for the famous Stevia... Read More
Stevia - Sweetie Star

Stevia - Sweetie Star HB223

Sweetie Star has finer leaves than common Stevia strains. We believe this... Read More
Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle HB203

(Urtica dioica) Yes, it’s the very same plant that causes unwary hikers... Read More
Summer Savory

Summer Savory HB138

(Satureja hortensis) Delicious peppery flavor that is popular in beans... Read More

Tansy HB220

(Tanacetum vulgare) Perennial, to 4 feet. Fernlike, aromatic leaves, with... Read More
Tarragon - Russian

Tarragon - Russian HB145

A flavorful herb that is used to season salads, meats, and other dishes;... Read More

Thyme HB113

(T. vulgaris) Very aromatic and flavorful; not winter hardy. Read More
Thyme - Wild

Thyme - Wild HB214

(Thymus pulegioides) Perennial. (Also known as creeping thyme) Spreading... Read More
Toothache Plant - Bullseye

Toothache Plant - Bullseye HB160

(Spilanthes acmella) With a bright bulls eye on the tip of each flower,... Read More
Toothache Plant - Yellow

Toothache Plant - Yellow HB250

These potent little flowers are a pretty yellow throughout. Stocky plants... Read More

Valerian HB221

(Valeriana officinalis) Perennial. (Also known as Garden Heliotrope) Delicate-looking,... Read More
White Horehound

White Horehound HB192

(Marrubium vulgare) This is the traditional remedy for coughs, having... Read More
Wormwood *Check Shipping restrictions*

Wormwood *Check Shipping restrictions* HB115

(Artemisia absinthium) Silvery-grey leaves, a beautiful plant; ornamental.... Read More

Yarrow HB114

(Achillea millefolium) Beautiful when used as a dried flower. Also popular... Read More
Yarrow - Cerise Queen

Yarrow - Cerise Queen HB234

(A. millefolium) Perennial. Brilliant pink flowers, borne in typical yarrow... Read More
Yarrow - Colorado Mix

Yarrow - Colorado Mix HB235

(Achillea millefolium) Perennial. Mix of blood red, cerise, cream, yellow... Read More
Yarrow - Parker's Variety

Yarrow - Parker's Variety FL795

(Achillea filipendulina) This hardy yarrow has beautiful, feathery gray-green... Read More
Yarrow - Polish Pastels Mix

Yarrow - Polish Pastels Mix HB244

(Achillea millefolium) This mix offers an electrifying mix of colors that... Read More
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