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Aka Hon Chirimen Shiso (Perilla)

Aka Hon Chirimen Shiso (Perilla) HB257

This stunning perilla was found in Japan where it is not only grown... Read More
Kaori Ao Oba Shiso (Perilla)

Kaori Ao Oba Shiso (Perilla) HB258

A lovely green-leafed Shiso from Japan. In Eastern medicine, Shiso... Read More
Kaori Ura Shiso (Perilla)

Kaori Ura Shiso (Perilla) HB256

This a new Baker Creek employee favorite for its stunning ornamental... Read More
Shiso (Perilla Purple Zi Su)

Shiso (Perilla Purple Zi Su) HB155

(Perilla frutescens) A beautiful and delicious plant that is very popular... Read More
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