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We believe this to be one of the smallest edible banana varieties. “Truly tiny” plants mature at just 2-4 feet tall, making them ideal for greenhouse culture or containers, which is how it should be grown in most of the country. Leaves are very ornamental, with purple-red splashes. Yield a small dessert-type banana. This crop is easy to grow in the south, and produces fruit rather quickly for such a large plant. . You can grow these as far north as zone 8 with protection or in heated greenhouses of sun-rooms farther north. We love growing bananas in our Missouri greenhouse and get a crop in under a year. Please consider these terms before ordering live plants: Most plants will be 7”-12” in height. Please make sure you are ready for your order in your zone as these young, tender plants generally have no resistance to cold. For any issues with your order please call our customer service and we will do our best to help you in a timely manner. No orders shipped outside of the USA.

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