Pitcher Plant, Carnivorous White Topped (1 rhizome shipped prompt)

Bare Root Rhizomes, ready to Grow!

(Sarracenia leucophylla) USDA zones 7 and up (zones 5-6 with protection). This amazing insect-eating perennial is native to the deep southeastern portion of the US. Lovely flowers are various shades of red. Amazing Trumpet-like frilled foliage, (the pitchers), are white-topped and delicately marbled with red and/or green veins. First-year plants usually make 1–3 pitchers in the spring, some flat leaves midsummer, and 1-3 of the most colorful pitchers in late Aug.–Oct.  The plants require an acidic, low mineral soil and moist to wet conditions, easily done by container planting in a mix of peat moss and sand or perlite. Full sun for five hours or more is required and indoor growing is not advised, due to light and dormancy needs.  We ship 100% Nursery Propagated bare root mature rhizomes, ready to plant and start growing. Growing instructions sent with order. No orders shipped outside of the USA.

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