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(Gynura procumbens) A super heat tolerant green that is native to China, Southeast Asia and Africa. A nutritious source of edible greens when all else are destroyed by summer heat. The plants take full sun to partial shade; must have adequate water; perennial under frost-free conditions. Delicious when used in salads; equally good as a potherb, in stir fry or tempura. (Do not overcook.) There is some evidence that this unusual herb can lower serum cholesterol levels. Semi upright, takes an attractive, edible ground cover where the growing season is long enough. Be sure to take cuttings in fall to overwinter in frost-free location for next year’s crop. Please consider these terms before ordering live plants: Most plants will be 3"-7" in height. Please make sure you are ready for your order in your zone as these young, tender plants generally have no resistance to cold. For any issues with your order please call our customer service and we will do our best to help you in a timely manner. No orders shipped outside of the USA.

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