Asian Beans

Asian Beans

A diverse group of many relatives of the common bean, they are to be grown like the common bean except as noted. Many grow much better than common beans in warm weather, also most tend to be more disease resistant.

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Asian Beans
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(Dolichos lablab) Beautiful purple pods are used in Asia as a curry and... Read More
Jicama or Yam Bean

Jicama or Yam Bean AB105

(Pachyrhizus erosus) 120 days. Long vines can grow twenty feet long and... Read More
Kabouli Black Garbanzo Bean

Kabouli Black Garbanzo Bean AB111

An improvement on an ancient garbanzo bean variety from Afghanistan. A... Read More
Urizun Japanese Winged Bean

Urizun Japanese Winged Bean AB125

An early maturing and supremely delicious winged bean from Japan. This... Read More
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