Long Beans

Long Beans

(Vigna unguiculata) A staple crop of East Asia, where they have been grown for centuries. After frost, when soil has warmed, sow 1-2 inches deep, 4-6 inches apart in rows where plants are to grow. Vigorous climbers need full sun and a trellis or other support. Takes heat and humidity better than common beans; recommended for the Deep South. Keep the pods picked to maintain production. Drought tolerant, but more productive with adequate moisture. The pods are stringless and tender, and taste best sauteed (not boiled). I would not go one season without them.

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Long Beans
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Chinese Light Green Long Bean

Chinese Light Green Long Bean LG104

This noodle bean reaches 20-30 inches long! Fun for kids gardens or dramatic... Read More
Chinese Mosaic Long Bean

Chinese Mosaic Long Bean LG110

Lovely, lavender-pink-shaded pods measure 12”-18” long and are crisp and... Read More
Chinese Red Noodle Bean

Chinese Red Noodle Bean LG109

Customer Favorite! 80 days. This is the most stunning and unique... Read More
Thai Purple Podded Yard Long

Thai Purple Podded Yard Long LG117

Vigorous, high-yielding Thai variety. The lovely, deep purple pods have... Read More
Thai Soldier Long Bean

Thai Soldier Long Bean LG122

Vigorous bush habit for those who want to grow long beans but prefer not... Read More
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