Soya Beans

soya bean

(Glycine max) One of the world’s oldest crops. Grown in Asia for thousands of years where it is a staple protein source. Early 80-day variety is great for the North. Perfect for Edamame, fresh shelling or dried; nice green-colored beans have good flavor; developed by the late Prof. Elwyn Meader, UNH.

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Soya Beans
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Chiba Green Soybean

Chiba Green Soybean SY113

70-80 days. An even earlier edamame soybean, this one was bred to... Read More

Midori Giant Soya bean

Midori Giant Soya bean SY112

80-95 days. The quintessential edamame soybean! Midori giant is appreciated... Read More

Tokio Verte Soya Bean

Tokio Verte Soya Bean SY104

115 days--Lovely green edamame type on medium-sized, heavily branched plants.... Read More
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