Taiwan White Bitter Melon

88% of 100
The nearly white, refined fruit is more mild than many other bitter melons. The smooth, white fruit is often found neatly lined up and proudly displayed at kiosks in Taiwan, where they are pureed into juices with just a hint of honey for sweetness. This variety is also a popular salad type, thinly shaved as a cooling summer treat. It is an exceptional variety for those new to eating bitter melon or who do not love the stronger flavor of the more astringent green varieties. We collected seeds for these in the beautiful city of Taipei, Taiwan. In Taiwan these are believed to be beneficial for a variety of health conditions and used as an overall tonic. Streetside stands sell these famous white bitter melons made into everything from smoothies and ice cream to curries and stir fry. These have a wonderful flavor and are so beautiful that we grow the elegant vines even in our flower gardens. The lovely fruit can grow to over 12 inches long and get quite heavy.
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Minimum Seed Count: 10
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