Broccoli Bulk

(B. oleracea) Old World cabbage relatives that are grown for succulent flower heads or buds. Needs rich soil, abundant moisture, and cool weather (but avoid prolonged exposure to temps below 50 degrees). Broccoli is harvested when the tiny buds are full-sized, but before they begin to open. “Sprouting types” need a winter’s chill before they will yield reliably; for spring planting, choose Waltham 29. Rapini is planted spring or fall; entire plants are harvested when the first flower buds begin to open.

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Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli

Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli BR101

An Italian heirloom brought to America in the 1880s; 5”-8” heads and many... Read More
Romanesco Italia Broccoli

Romanesco Italia Broccoli BR104

The true and popular Italian heirloom with spiraling, apple-green heads... Read More
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