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(Daucus carota) 800 seeds per packet. Carrots are originally from central Asia and they come in so many colors besides orange—purple and red types are actually the original ones! The tiny seed must be sown very shallow; to avoid drying out, especially when sown in hot weather, shade the seed bed or row with boards, paper, or something to exclude the hot sun and hold in moisture. Long-rooted types need a deep, mellow soil; in heavier soils, grow half-long or round types. Most of our varieties of heirloom carrots mature around 65-70 days from sowing. Early sowings can be made 2-3 weeks before spring’s last frost date. The tiny carrot seeds should be surface-sown and not covered, or covered only minimally, and kept uniformly moist until seedlings are strong. May be sown throughout spring and summer at 2-3 week intervals, until about a month before first frost in autumn. Deep, mellow, well-worked soil suits long types; half-longs and round types are better bets in heavier soils. Do try growing carrots—they are easy and rewarding!

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Amarillo Carrot

Amarillo Carrot CR114

75 days. Lovely, lemon-yellow roots have sweet, bright yellow flesh. Good for... Read More
Black Nebula Carrot

Black Nebula Carrot CR137

75 days. One of the darkest carrots available from skin to core. A delicious... Read More
Cosmic Purple Carrot

Cosmic Purple Carrot CR112

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Danvers 126 Half Long Carrot

Danvers 126 Half Long Carrot CR102

70 days. The original Danvers Half Long dates back to the 1870s. This... Read More
St. Valery Carrot

St. Valery Carrot CR101

70 days. The Vilmorins of France mentioned this variety in 1885 and said... Read More
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