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ONIONS: (Allium cepa) A very ancient Old World crop—records exist telling how many onions were allocated to the laborers building the pyramids, and they were a basic ration to Greek hoplites. Long-day onions tend to do best in the North and short-day types do best in the South; the dividing line is at about the 35th parallel. Onions grow best in mellow soil, rich and possessing much organic matter. The tiny seeds are usually started indoors, although they may be direct sown if conditions and timing are suitable. Spring-planted onions are started about 9-12 weeks prior to setting out, which may be several weeks before the last frost date. When setting onion plants in their final location, allow about 6-8 inches from their neighbors, if in beds; or 4 inches if in rows, spacing rows at least a foot apart. Apply a heavy mulch to control weeds, as onions will not grow large in competition with weeds. Harvest onions when the green tops begin to fall over; cure several weeks and store at cool room temperature. LEEKS: (Brassica oleracea) Here’s a cabbage-relative with a difference: the main crop is the stem, which has been selected over the centuries to grow as an oblate sphere, about the size of an apple. Well grown, this stem is juicy and crisp, and tastes similar to a cabbage heart. The leaves are edible too, especially when young. This crop tolerates heat better than most cabbage relatives, and can be grown straight through the summer in most areas of the country.

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Onions & Leeks
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Bulgarian Giant Leek

Bulgarian Giant Leek LK103

A long thin leek of the best quality; light green leaves. Fine autumn... Read More
Carentan Leek

Carentan Leek LK101

Long, thick (2” across), vigorous, and fast growing; delicate, deliciously... Read More
He Shi Ko Bunching Onion

He Shi Ko Bunching Onion ON111

(Allium fistulosum) An heirloom Japanese, perennial bunching onion; stalks... Read More
Red of Florence Onion

Red of Florence Onion ON103

Long day. Oblong-shaped, bright red onions, great for planting spring... Read More
Yellow of Parma Onion

Yellow of Parma Onion ON105

Long day. Large, golden onions are oblong-globe shaped. This late onion... Read More
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