Nagasaki Late Chinese Cabbage

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Held in high esteem in its native range, this cousin of bok choy and tatsoi is beloved as a nutritious and tasty vegetable with deep cultural roots as a culinary emblem of Nagasaki, Japan. Growers of Nagasaki Late cabbage will attest that it has been a culinary staple in the Nagasaki region for many generations, and indeed records show the variety, which is locally called Tojinna, has been grown in Nagasaki since at least the Edo period. Evidence suggests that the introduction of this variety actually dates back to the Tang dynasty (618-907). This crispy and flavorful Asian green is locally popular in hotpot, stir fry and soup. The green is particularly popular as a star ingredient in Ozoni, the traditional soup enjoyed at Japanese New Year’s. It’s a favorite cold-hardy green and deeply nutritious.

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