Atomic Orange Corn

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60 to 80 days. Exceptionally high in both protein and beta carotene, the amazingly nutritious and totally delicious orange ears are produced very early. This variety ranked high on the list of most protein-rich heirloom corns in a study done by Baker Creek in 2018. Research shows that beta carotene is essential for vision health. We are thrilled to offer this stunning, open-pollinated variety from the gifted corn breeder Ed Schultz of Bozeman, Montana. He spent 30 years developing this fantastic soft flint corn. It sports a range of orange color, from brilliant sunburst orange to pumpkin and russet; even the cobs are orange! For an added surprise, it will throw an occasional all-white ear. Three to five foot-tall stalks produce 1 to 2 ten-inch ears with 8 rows of kernels in about 60 days.
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Minimum Seed Count: 75
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