(Cucumis sativus) Cucumbers originated in India or western Asia, and have been known to gardeners for at least 3,000 years. Their diverse forms and flavors are now appreciated and utilized in local cuisines around the world. Warm growers, they are best sown in place after the last frost of spring. Very rich soil, well-drained yet moist, suits them best. Full sun exposure is usually preferred, except that in hot-summer areas, the plants might benefit from some midafternoon shade. The vines run to about 5 feet in length. Or, to save space, grow them on a trellis.

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Ancash Market Cucumber

Ancash Market Cucumber WW127

Exclusive listing with Baker Creek! Collected in Chacas, Peru by the late... Read More
Aonaga Jibai Cucumber

Aonaga Jibai Cucumber CU120

Exceptionally sweet, tender, and above all--tough. Aonaga Jibai is one... Read More
Armenian Yard-Long Cucumber

Armenian Yard-Long Cucumber CU169

(Cucumis melo) Light-green, mild-tasting, deeply ribbed fruit. The elongated... Read More
Beit Alpha Cucumber

Beit Alpha Cucumber CU150

A delicious, very sweet cucumber that is usually picked small and does... Read More
Boston Pickling Cucumber

Boston Pickling Cucumber CU105

An old heirloom dating back to 1880. Vigorous vines give large yields... Read More
Chicago Pickling Cucumber

Chicago Pickling Cucumber CU181

55 days. Originally bred for the markets of the Chicago area. Released... Read More
Crystal Apple Cucumber

Crystal Apple Cucumber CU149

Small 3” oval fruit is a bright, creamy white, about the size of a small... Read More
Dar Cucumber

Dar Cucumber CU182

60 days. Here’s a gorgeous all-purpose slicing/pickling type. The plants... Read More
Delikatesse Cucumber

Delikatesse Cucumber CU109

60 days. 10”long, unique fruit is pale green with small warts. Superb taste,... Read More
Dragon's Egg Cucumber

Dragon's Egg Cucumber CU147

Beautiful cream-colored fruit is about the size and shape of a large egg! Mild,... Read More
Early Fortune Cucumber

Early Fortune Cucumber CU176

55 days. (Also called Special Dark Green) A super dependable garden cucumber,... Read More
Gagon Cucumber

Gagon Cucumber WW194

This rare Bhutanese cucumber thrives in cool northern climates, but also... Read More
Gele Tros or Large Dutch Yellow Cucumber

Gele Tros or Large Dutch Yellow Cucumber CU159

This is a large yellow cucumber that was popular in Holland for making... Read More
Hmong Red Cucumber

Hmong Red Cucumber CU152

The fruit is white to pale green, turning golden-orange as it ripens.... Read More
Japanese Long Cucumber

Japanese Long Cucumber CU111

Long, slim fruit that is very crisp and mild. Easy to digest, firm flesh with... Read More
Jibai Shimoshirazu Cucumber

Jibai Shimoshirazu Cucumber CU102

Delectable variety from Japan. The sweetest cucumber we have tasted, a... Read More
Lemon Cuke Cucumber

Lemon Cuke Cucumber CU103

60 days. The shape, size, and color of a lemon, but with super-sweet flavor!... Read More
Marketmore 76 Cucumber

Marketmore 76 Cucumber CU101

70 days. Dark green, 8”-9” fruit; great slicer! Good yields! Excellent... Read More
Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber

Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber CU125

(Melothria scabra) 75 days. Incredible, small cucumber-like fruit is shaped... Read More
Miniature White Cucumber

Miniature White Cucumber CU167

50 days. White-skinned, black-spined little pickling cukes. Production... Read More
Monika Cucumber

Monika Cucumber CU184

55 days. From our Polish grower, who recommends ‘Monika’ for pickles.... Read More
Muncher Cucumber

Muncher Cucumber CU174

60 days. Very tender, dual-purpose variety makes great pickles and is... Read More
Natsu Fushinari Cucumber

Natsu Fushinari Cucumber CU113

The exquisite flavor of an heirloom with the tough disease resistance synonymous... Read More
Parisian Pickling Cucumber

Parisian Pickling Cucumber CU106

60 days. The old French gherkin or cornichon pickler. Listed in America... Read More
Poona Kheera Cucumber

Poona Kheera Cucumber CU129

60 days. Creamy, light-green fruits; very delicious flesh, crisp,and juicy.... Read More
Richmond Green Apple

Richmond Green Apple CU108

Super sweet fruit is crisp, like an apple! A unique heirloom from Australia... Read More
Sikkim Cucumber

Sikkim Cucumber CU124

The best keeping variety! The historic cucumber of Sikkim. Fat, large... Read More
Straight Eight Cucumber

Straight Eight Cucumber CU168

50 days. All-America winner for 1935! Smooth, straight, deep green 8-inch... Read More
Suyo Long Cucumber

Suyo Long Cucumber CU132

65 days. Long, ribbed, dark green fruit can grow to 18”. It is very mild,... Read More
Telegraph Improved Cucumber

Telegraph Improved Cucumber CU110

60 days. Smooth, straight, dark-green fruit, 18” long. Flesh is very crisp,... Read More
Tendergreen Burpless Cucumber

Tendergreen Burpless Cucumber CU173

55 days. Burpless slicing type, free from bitterness, that has been popular... Read More

Tokiwa "Tokyo Green" Cucumber CU114

An old Japanese variety, also known as “Tokyo Green” that came from China... Read More
West India Burr Gherkins Cucumber

West India Burr Gherkins Cucumber CU107

(Cucumis anguria) A super funky cucumber relative great for kids’ gardens,... Read More
Yamato Extra Long Cucumber

Yamato Extra Long Cucumber CU134

A big variety from Japan. This long, slender variety is an excellent variety... Read More
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