Garden Berries

Garden Berry

Except where noted, grow garden berries just like tomatoes, starting indoors 4 weeks before frost. Or direct sow about the time of last frost. Heirloom berry seeds are usually tiny, so be careful not to cover too deeply.

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Garden Berries
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Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

Alexandria Alpine Strawberry GR221

(Fragaria vesca) Deep scarlet, egg-shaped fruits weigh two to three grams... Read More
Ashwagandha Garden Berry

Ashwagandha Garden Berry GR138

Indian native plant that is indispensable in Ayurvedic medicine. Widely... Read More
Attila Strawberry

Attila Strawberry GR220

(Fragaria vesca) It’s an alpine strawberry that makes runners! Ever-bearing... Read More
Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry GR132

65 days. Polish heirloom variety has unusually fine flavor—very sweet with... Read More
Baron Von Solemacher Strawberry

Baron Von Solemacher Strawberry GR222

Antique German variety yields dainty clusters of berries that are very... Read More
Blackberries (Schwartzenbeeren)

Blackberries (Schwartzenbeeren) GR133

(Solanum nigrum) 75 days—Also called “blaubeeren.” Attractive 2- to 3-foot... Read More
Chichiquelite Huckleberry

Chichiquelite Huckleberry GR102

Chichiquelite Sweet purple berries are great fresh or cooked. They are... Read More
Chinese Lantern Gigantea

Chinese Lantern Gigantea GR125

(Physalis franchetii) This lovely 2-foot perennial produces pretty seed... Read More

Cocona GR230

An easy to grow fruit from the Amazon Jungle! A distant relative of eggplant,... Read More
Dwarf Tamarillo

Dwarf Tamarillo GR136

Miniature version of our regular Tamarillo, and a close relative. But this... Read More
Gac Fruit

Gac Fruit GR148

Garden Huckleberry

Garden Huckleberry GR103

(Solanum melanocerasum) 75 days. Large purple berries that are cooked and... Read More
Ground Cherry

Ground Cherry GR101

(P. pruinosa) 70 days. Huge yields of tart-sweet berries. This is the common... Read More
Litchi Tomato or Morelle De Balbis

Litchi Tomato or Morelle De Balbis GR112

(S. sisymbriifolium) This was a favorite with customers who saw and sampled... Read More
Lulu- Solanum Quitoense

Lulu- Solanum Quitoense JS202

The Lulu or Naranjillo is a very interesting sub-tropical/tropical member... Read More
Mita, Vasconcellea candicans

Mita, Vasconcellea candicans JSGR102

This very interesting relative of the papaya is also found in the highlands... Read More

Naranjilla GR104

(Solanum quitoense) A really unique fruit from the Andes; delicious sweet... Read More
Orange Master Pomegranate

Orange Master Pomegranate GR113

Here is an extra-dwarf pomegranate that's perfect for containers. Early-flowering... Read More
Otricoli Orange Berry

Otricoli Orange Berry GR131

(Solanums nigrum) 70 days. Here’s a most unusual Nightshade plant, collected... Read More
Pepino Melon

Pepino Melon GR117

(Solanum muricatum) This eggplant relative produces fruit that are the... Read More
Pink Banana

Pink Banana GR124

(Musa velutina) Lovely, small banana plants produce the most stunning,... Read More
Red Wonder Wild Strawberry

Red Wonder Wild Strawberry GR110

(Fragaria vesca) This variety was selected to produce elongated, red fruits... Read More
Regina Alpine Strawberry

Regina Alpine Strawberry GR223

Intensely red, sweet and very richly flavored. Fruits are wide-shouldered... Read More
Strawberry Spinach

Strawberry Spinach GR107

(Chenopodium capitatum) An old-fashioned plant that dates to 1600 in Europe.... Read More
Tresca Garden Strawberry

Tresca Garden Strawberry GR106

You will be pleasantly surprised to see these sweet little gems ripening... Read More
Tzimbalo Melon Pear

Tzimbalo Melon Pear GR135

This wild relative of Pepino is similar to it, and may even be Pepino's... Read More
White Soul Alpine Strawberry

White Soul Alpine Strawberry GR129

(Fregaria vesca) An improved form of species Alpine Strawberry, White Soul... Read More

Wonderberry GR105

(Solanum burbankii). 75 days. Developed by Luther Burbank; tasty, small... Read More
Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry

Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry GR122

This creamy yellow-fruited variety is a favorite of many in Europe. The... Read More
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