(Lagenaria siceraria unless stated otherwise) Whether True Gourds, Angled Gourds or Edible Gourds, all of these squashrelatives are from the Old World originally, and all need similar conditions: a long season of hot weather, and abundant moisture in a rich soil. May be direct-sown into warm soil, or started indoors a few weeks early. The fruits will be straighter and more symmetrical if the long vines are trained up a trellis, but all may be allowed to sprawl along the ground; some may run 20 feet! The edible sorts are best harvested when young, tender, and mild-tasting.

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Big Apple Gourd

Big Apple Gourd GD115

The 8-inch fruit look just like giant apples! Very popular as crafts and... Read More
Birdhouse Gourd

Birdhouse Gourd GD108

The popular gourd for making bottles, birdhouses and many other useful... Read More
Bushel Basket Gourd

Bushel Basket Gourd GD111

Huge, round gourds, up to 24" across, can be used for all kinds of art... Read More
Cucuzzi, Serpente di Sicilia Edible Gourd

Cucuzzi, Serpente di Sicilia Edible Gourd ED102

The popular Italian edible gourd. Long, slender fruit is a brilliant, light... Read More
Dishcloth or Luffa Gourd

Dishcloth or Luffa Gourd AG103

(Luffa aegyptiaca) Burpee’s 1888 catalogue said, “A natural dishcloth,... Read More
Kikinda Competition Strain Edible Gourd

Kikinda Competition Strain Edible Gourd ED109

Grow mammoth 5-7’ long gourds and amaze your family. Super tasty fruit... Read More
Mayo Bule Gourd

Mayo Bule Gourd GD128

A favorite here, the pear-shaped, 1' long gourds are covered with large... Read More
Ozark Nest Egg Gourd

Ozark Nest Egg Gourd GD140

Ancient ancester of summer squash. Found along Norfork River of the Missouri... Read More
Tennessee Dancing or Spinning Gourd

Tennessee Dancing or Spinning Gourd GD101

(C. pepo) A tiny gourd just 2" long! They are bottle-shaped and green-and-white... Read More
Thai Bottle Gourd

Thai Bottle Gourd ED101

Delicious and easy to grow, bottle-shaped gourds are great picked small,... Read More
Thai Extra Long Sponge Gourd

Thai Extra Long Sponge Gourd AG109

We collected this massive, long fruited luffa in Thailand and are so excited... Read More
Zucca Melon - Giant Gourd

Zucca Melon - Giant Gourd GD137

You can’t miss this gourd growing in your garden; with a weight of 30 to... Read More
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