Thai Extra Long Sponge Gourd

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We collected this massive, long-fruited luffa in Thailand and are so excited to offer this show stopping, 4 feet long variety! A fast-growing, long-season, warm-climate vine that can climb over 15 feet on a strong trellis and is extremely prolific. This amazing plant was a stunner in our gourd tunnel. The fruit is edible and delicious when immature at about 2 feet long and is tasty cooked like zucchini. The mature fruit has sponge-like fibers that are famous for being used as bath and cleaning sponges. After the fruit matures, bang the gourds around to loosen the seeds, peel, squeeze and rinse the gourd until all that remains is a clean sponge. Cut them into different shapes depending on how they will be used and they make great gifts.
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Minimum Seed Count: 5
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