Greens, Oriental

Oriental Greens

ORIENTAL GREENS AND CABBAGES Various crops are offered here—all are traditional culinary types from Asia. Bok choy and Tatsoi are turnip relatives grown for their spatulate leaves and succulent petioles (stems) which are often white and very juicy. Mustards are grown for their thinner, often spicy leaves. Chinese cabbages and kale form tight heads, but of often quite unusual shapes compared to the usual Western ones. As a group, these types tend to be fairly early and tolerant to cooler weather. Mustards, as a rule, are the greens most tolerant of heat, can take some frosts, and stay usable longest in the garden; pak choy, tatsoi, and cabbages are apt to bolt in frosty weather or summer heat. All are best in cool spring or fall conditions. Most should be sown where plants are to grow. Sow no deeper than one-quarter inch in moist, rich, well-draining soil. Most types mature in about 45 days; heading varieties require 60-75 days.

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Greens, Oriental
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Chinese Cabbage, Hilton

Chinese Cabbage, Hilton OR140

70 days. Very easy to grow and made perfect heads in our Missouri... Read More
Chinese Kale, Yod Fah

Chinese Kale, Yod Fah OR132

A parent to broccolini, this tasty Chinese green is great for fresh eating... Read More
Chirimen Hakusai - Chinese Cabbage

Chirimen Hakusai - Chinese Cabbage OR105

50 days. Here is an old Japanese variety that is superbly adapted to... Read More
Extra Dwarf Pak Choy

Extra Dwarf Pak Choy OR130

The perfect baby vegetable for marketing, this tiny pak choy is picked... Read More
Japanese Giant Red Mustard Greens

Japanese Giant Red Mustard Greens OR107

(B. juncea) Beautiful large Japanese type. Purple-red leaves with a delicious... Read More
Katsuona Mustard

Katsuona Mustard OR114

Dramatic purple veining deeply incised into large, lavish foliage. The... Read More
Komatsuma Tendergreen Mustard

Komatsuma Tendergreen Mustard OR102

(B. rapa) Japanese mustard greens. Tasty, slightly spicy, mild flavor,... Read More
Miike Takana Mustard

Miike Takana Mustard OR115

Unusually mild for a mustard, this variety has a meaty, umami flavor that... Read More
Mizuna, 605 Summer

Mizuna, 605 Summer OR123

A taste of Kyoto’s culinary heritage, this heat tolerant Mizuna variety... Read More
Mizuna, Beni Houshi

Mizuna, Beni Houshi OR153

Benihoushi Mizuna is a new, vibrant twist on an ancient crop, and the bright... Read More
Mizuna, Early

Mizuna, Early OR152

A traditional variety from the mountainous Kyoto region of Japan. This... Read More
Pai Tsai-Chinese Cabbage

Pai Tsai-Chinese Cabbage OR145

A quick growing, non—heading Chinese cabbage, this variety is absolutely... Read More
Purple Hon Tsai Tai or Coy Sum

Purple Hon Tsai Tai or Coy Sum OR104

Electric purple stems contrast sharply on this very attractive plant with... Read More
Shanghai Green Pak Choy

Shanghai Green Pak Choy OR126

A delicious baby type that is in so much demand with top Asian chefs. Compact... Read More
Siamese Dragon Stir Fry Mix Salad Blend

Siamese Dragon Stir Fry Mix Salad Blend SB106

All the best Asian greens for stir-frying and steaming. A mix of many of... Read More
Tatsoi Green

Tatsoi Green OR103

B. rapa) Superb mild flavor, a must for stir-frying and salads. Beautiful, small... Read More
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