Big Leaf Tong Ho (Chrysanthemum)

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Extra large leaves and beautiful edible flowers make this a favorite in China. A unique Asian green, the leaves are thick and crunchy with a scrumptious savory flavor. Tall plants produce tons of large, edible blooms that reach 3 inches across and are make great cut flowers. Way beyond any ornamental value, these flowers are a gourmet delicacy. Try them lightly fried tempura style, sprinkled atop salads or steeped into the famous Chrysanthemum tea. The leaves are extra large, hand-sized and make a popular green in China. In America these are traditionally known as “Chop Suey Greens”. Leaves on younger plants are huge, but will be smaller once the plant sends up the tall flower stalks, but equally tasty.
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Minimum Seed Count: 100
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