Ground Cherries

Ground Cherries
All the Physalis types yield fruits loosely enclosed in papery husks (including the Tomatillo, which we list separately), and nearly all come from the New World. All are started just like tomatoes and are super easy to grow; they do not need to be staked! Few people realize that the Physalis varieties store extremely well, when kept in their protective husks, lasting for quite some time under refrigeration. They are used fresh or cooked, and are very juicy and sweet.
Ground Cherries
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Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry GR132

65 days. Polish heirloom variety has unusually fine flavor—very sweet with... Read More
Chinese Lantern Gigantea

Chinese Lantern Gigantea GR125

(Physalis franchetii) This lovely 2’ perennial produces pretty seed pods,... Read More
Ground Cherry (Strawberry Husk Tomato)

Ground Cherry (Strawberry Husk Tomato) GR101

70 days. Huge yields of tart-sweet berries. This is the common type used... Read More
New Hanover Ground Cherry

New Hanover Ground Cherry WWE195

ROUGHWOOD/EFN EXCLUSIVE. Ground cherries are close relatives of tomatillos,... Read More
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