(Allium ampeloprasum) Onion relative that does require a long season, but is otherwise very easy to grow. Start the tiny seeds indoors in early spring, setting out anytime after the hard frosts are gone—seedlings can tolerate a few degrees of frost with no difficulty. Give leeks the richest possible soil. As the plants start to become really large, earth up soil or mulch, covering the stems, which then blanch or turn white, which is considered to improve the flavor. Mulched leeks do tolerate cooler autumn weather but should be lifted and stored before bitter cold arrives.

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Autumn Giant Leek

Autumn Giant Leek LK106

Autumn Giant types are grown traditionally throughout Western Europe.... Read More
Bulgarian Giant Leek

Bulgarian Giant Leek LK103

A long thin leek of the best quality; light green leaves. Fine autumn... Read More
Carentan Leek

Carentan Leek LK101

Long, thick (2” across), vigorous, and fast growing; delicate, deliciously... Read More
Giant Musselburgh Leek

Giant Musselburgh Leek LK102

An heirloom that was introduced in 1834 near Edinburgh, Scotland. Large,... Read More
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