Taiwan Yard-Long Bean

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This is a true “Yard Long” bean, that can easily reach over 3 feet in length! Get high yields from a small space, the vines set a heavy crop of these delicious pods that will amaze your friends. We love these beans stir-fried. They have superior flavor to common beans. The dry beans are black in color and make a superb cooking bean. This rare variety was brought to America by a Taiwanese immigrant around 1970. This versatile Asian bean has garnered the nickname asparagus bean for its crisp texture, reminiscent of the favorite seasonal delicacy. Also called noodle beans the young pods make a perfect spaghetti substitute. This is the longest bean we have seen, reaching over 3 feet in length! Unbelievably, yard long beans of yesteryear were even longer! Here at Baker Creek we have been searching for these extra-long beans from antiquity. A look back at the 1930 edition of The Oriental Seed Company shows a listing for a the Chinese 6 Foot Runner Bean, which is described as “over 6 feet in length and as thin as a lead pencil with no string.” Be sure to contact us if you may have seed on the 6 foot bean!
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Minimum Seed Count: 25
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