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At Baker Creek we have an infectious affinity for heirlooms; our team of writers, seed-savers, photographers, gardeners and growers have dedicated their work to celebrating these special seeds. For 2018 new picks, we have trekked to the farthest reaches of the earth for rare and exciting treasures as well as preserved local traditional heirlooms— we have selected varieties from ancient history and discovered new and exciting innovations from natural breeders. Whether you love growing heirlooms for their fascinating history, stunning beauty or culinary potential, Baker Creek's fabulous new varieties offered in 2018 are sure to please!

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New Items 2018
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Abashi Bitter Gourd

Abashi Bitter Gourd BM113

An Okinawan heirloom variety with deep green skin color and a very mild bitter... Read More
Achievement Runner

Achievement Runner RB102

A beloved runner bean from Great Britain, this variety is applauded... Read More
Aji Charapita - Hot Pepper

Aji Charapita - Hot Pepper HPP221

Selling for very high prices to Lima’s best chefs, this pepper is the... Read More
Aka Hon Chirimen Shiso (Perilla)

Aka Hon Chirimen Shiso (Perilla) HB257

This stunning perilla was found in Japan where it is not only grown... Read More
Alacati Melon

Alacati Melon OML152

Turkey is famous for melons, and one taste of this bespeckled beauty you... Read More
Amazing Cauliflower

Amazing Cauliflower CA112

If you've had trouble growing cauliflower, try this amazing variety.... Read More
Amish Butter Popcorn

Amish Butter Popcorn CN177

A pre-1885 heirloom popcorn maintained by the Pennsylvania Dutch.... Read More
Aonaga Jibai Cucumber

Aonaga Jibai Cucumber CU120

Exceptionally sweet, tender, and above all vigorous, tough vines. Aonaga Jibai... Read More
Art Verell's Sweet Corn

Art Verell's Sweet Corn CN166

Perfect sweet corn for northern gardeners. Grower Art Verell carefully... Read More
Atomic Orange Corn

Atomic Orange Corn CN186

60 to 80 days. Amazingly orange ears are produced super early! We are thrilled... Read More
Barese Swiss Chard

Barese Swiss Chard SC112

This compact, meaty, dwarf Swiss chard originates from Italy and matures... Read More
Belstead Supreme Aster

Belstead Supreme Aster FL111

An exquisitely odd aster with a profusion of small double white and yellow... Read More
Betony, Purple or Hedge Nettle

Betony, Purple or Hedge Nettle HB141

(Stachys betonica) This perennial herb was highly prized in the middle... Read More
Big Horse Spotted Corn

Big Horse Spotted Corn CN176

A stunningly beautiful corn from the great Osage people! Six to seven-inch... Read More
Big Top Bitter Melon

Big Top Bitter Melon BM104

A unique heart shaped variety of bitter melon, the large softball- sized... Read More
Black Coat Runner

Black Coat Runner RB103

An ancient heirloom runner bean dating as far back as the mid-1600s and... Read More
Black Nebula Carrot

Black Nebula Carrot CR137

75 days. One of the darkest carrots available from skin to core. A delicious raw... Read More
Black Spanish Carrot

Black Spanish Carrot CR136

65-75 days to maturity. A rich dark purple carrot, reminiscent of... Read More
Blackberry, Snowbank

Blackberry, Snowbank "White" Blackberry (2 Plants, Ships March-June) PL166

Zones 5b-8a  Extra sweet berries dazzle like diamonds on vigorous... Read More
Blauer Speck Kohlrabi

Blauer Speck Kohlrabi KL107

This old German heirloom produces gorgeous, violet-blue frosted globes.... Read More
Bloody Butcher Dent Corn

Bloody Butcher Dent Corn CN102

A very beautiful, commonly crimson red dent variety introduced to... Read More
Buena Mulata Hot Pepper

Buena Mulata Hot Pepper HPP500

A very rare, extremely productive, and stunning hot pepper being offered... Read More
Buhl Sweet Corn

Buhl Sweet Corn CN179

A delicious, 75-day yellow sweet corn borne on sturdy 7 foot stalks bearing... Read More
Butternut-Orange Squash

Butternut-Orange Squash SQ321

(C. moschata) A delicious and beautiful butternut squash, highly prolific... Read More
Cactus Chrysanthemum Mix Zinnia

Cactus Chrysanthemum Mix Zinnia FL804

A strikingly different, large zinnia profuse with curled and quilled spiky... Read More
Chamomile - Zloty Lan

Chamomile - Zloty Lan HB157

(Matricaria recutita) This Polish chamomile is bigger and higher yielding... Read More
Chinese Kale, Yod Fah

Chinese Kale, Yod Fah OR132

A parent to broccolini, this tasty Chinese green is great for fresh eating... Read More
Chinese White Celery

Chinese White Celery CE111

A delicate and delicious white stalked Chinese variety. Asian celery... Read More
Chirimen Hakusai - Chinese Cabbage

Chirimen Hakusai - Chinese Cabbage OR105

50 days. Here is an old Japanese variety that is superbly adapted to... Read More
Chocolate Seven Pot Hot Pepper

Chocolate Seven Pot Hot Pepper HPP223

(Capsicum chinense) A supremely spicy take on the super hot Seven Pot... Read More
CobraHead Hand Hoe Mini

CobraHead Hand Hoe Mini CDT500

Made the in USA. “Mini” Weeder and Cultivator is 8 3/4” long and gets... Read More

Comfrey HB109

(Symphytum officinale) A beloved plant in the permaculture community,... Read More
Coriander - Indian

Coriander - Indian HB120

(Coriandrum sativum) Highly scented with a citrus top note. The dark... Read More
Cubanelle Sweet Pepper

Cubanelle Sweet Pepper PP115

Also known as “Cuban pepper”, the Cubanelle is a variety of sweet pepper... Read More
Cupid Mix Marigold

Cupid Mix Marigold FL228

(Tagetes erecta) The most adorable little African marigolds for bedding!... Read More
Daimaru Turnip

Daimaru Turnip TN123

Daimaru is a firm, large, round turnip--‘dai’ meaning big and ‘maru’ meaning... Read More
Dark Galaxy Tomato

Dark Galaxy Tomato TX134

A Delicious Galactic Beauty-- With mottled skin resembling a scene from... Read More
Durgesh 41 Cauliflower

Durgesh 41 Cauliflower CA110

Here is a seriously vigorous cauliflower from India. Durgesh 41 is super... Read More
Elecampane or Horse Heal

Elecampane or Horse Heal HB164

(Inula helenium) This large plant produces stunning yellow sunflower type... Read More
Fisher's Earliest Sweet Corn

Fisher's Earliest Sweet Corn CN180

Developed and selected 60 years ago by Ken Fisher of Belgrade, Montana,... Read More
Gac Fruit

Gac Fruit GR148

(Momordica cochinchinensis) Vietnamese know Gac as the “fruit from heaven”.... Read More
Gagon Cucumber

Gagon Cucumber WW194

This rare Bhutanese cucumber thrives in cool northern climates, but also... Read More
Galapagos Wild Tomato

Galapagos Wild Tomato TY150

(Solanum/Lycopersicon cheesmanii) Unique and rare, wild, small cherry tomato... Read More
Goji Berry

Goji Berry GR109

(Scarlet Wolfberry) is a Chinese native perennial shrub with slender stems... Read More
Greasy Grits Bean

Greasy Grits Bean BN127

Old Appalachian and mountain folk heirloom that used to be common in much... Read More
Hibiscus, Sunset Edible Mix (3 Plants, Ships March-June)

Hibiscus, Sunset Edible Mix (3 Plants, Ships March-June) PL139

Abelmoschus manihot) A highly nutritional plant from Asia and the... Read More
Hida Beni Red Turnip

Hida Beni Red Turnip TN124

Supremely crisp and mild, the white and red, fine grained flesh makes this... Read More
Hinona Kabu Turnip

Hinona Kabu Turnip TN108

This magnificent, mild and delicious turnip is two-toned with a lovely,... Read More
Hokkaido Black - Soya Bean

Hokkaido Black - Soya Bean SY109

This black soybean is traditionally grown in Northern Japan. Plants are... Read More
Ianto's Fava Bean

Ianto's Fava Bean FB104

Massive beans borne on impressive 6 foot tall plants. Originally introduced... Read More
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