New Items 2019

New Items 2019
New Items 2019
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"Premium" Atlantic Giant Pumpkin SQ175

We offer select seeds from pumpkins that weighed 500-1000 each! Lovely,... Read More
'Jyunpaku' Okinawan Pure White Bitter Melon

'Jyunpaku' Okinawan Pure White Bitter Melon BM117

Extra large, mild Japanese bitter melon. these pearly white, mellow flavored... Read More
Agastache - Mosquito Plant or Texas Hummingbird Mint 'Heather Queen'

Agastache - Mosquito Plant or Texas Hummingbird Mint 'Heather Queen' HB272

Tidy half hardy perennial that is aromatic and attractive to pollinators.... Read More
Agastache - Navajo Sunset

Agastache - Navajo Sunset HB271

Delicious minty-citrus tea plant; a must in the herb garden and kitchen!... Read More
Agastache - Rose Mint

Agastache - Rose Mint HB273

Aromatic perennial with phenomenal minty, rose fragrance. Prepare for a... Read More
Agastache - Rugosa Golden Jubilee

Agastache - Rugosa Golden Jubilee HB259

Also known as purple giant hyssop. Chartreuse, golden foliage and heavy... Read More
Apocalypse Scorpion Hot Pepper

Apocalypse Scorpion Hot Pepper HPP145

Possibly the world's hottest pepper! This punishing pepper was developed... Read More
Aster - Gusford Supreme

Aster - Gusford Supreme FL112

Bright and sunny blooms in brilliant magenta and soft yellow centers. Asters... Read More
Benchmaster Runner Bean

Benchmaster Runner Bean RB115

British bred, competition length runner bean with culinary pizazz. Giant... Read More
Beni Kodama Watermelon

Beni Kodama Watermelon WM118

One of the earliest maturing watermelons of all, a pocket-sized watermelon... Read More
Black Goji Berry (Black Wolfberry)

Black Goji Berry (Black Wolfberry) GR159

This spectacular super-food is native throughout Central Asia. The black... Read More
Brazilian Starfish Hot Pepper

Brazilian Starfish Hot Pepper HPP203

Unique, star-shaped fruit. The baccatum pepper species originated in Peru,... Read More
Burdock - Leaf

Burdock - Leaf HB181

An extraordinary selection from the seed artisans in Japan who selected... Read More
Burdock - Takinogawa

Burdock - Takinogawa HB179

This is a very special late-variety that is known for flavor and length.... Read More
Calendula - Strawberry Blonde

Calendula - Strawberry Blonde FL234

Calendula is incredibly versatile with boundless culinary, healing, pest... Read More
Chinese Light Green Long Bean

Chinese Light Green Long Bean LG104

This noodle bean reaches 20-30 inches long! Fun for kids gardens or dramatic... Read More
Chinese Multicolor Spinach - Amaranth

Chinese Multicolor Spinach - Amaranth AM105

A heat and drought tolerant green in spectacular splashes of color! Leaf... Read More
Chinese Pink Celery

Chinese Pink Celery CE108

A stunning bright pink celery from China. An easy-to-grow variety to complete... Read More
Chinese Python Snake Bean

Chinese Python Snake Bean SM106

(Trichosanthes cucumerina) Unusual and delicious gourd relative that is... Read More
Chinese Shawo Fruit Radish

Chinese Shawo Fruit Radish RD160

Unique bright green radish from North China with sweet flavor. Known in... Read More
Classic Beefsteak Tomato

Classic Beefsteak Tomato TM111

The classic beefsteak tomato of yesteryear is back! Massive fruit, easily... Read More
Cochiti Pueblo Corn

Cochiti Pueblo Corn CN181

A colorful popcorn from the Cochiti Pueblo people of northern New Mexico.... Read More
Cockscomb - Variegated

Cockscomb - Variegated FL289

This fabulously novel variegated cockscomb from antiquity has been brought... Read More
Connovers Colossal Asparagus

Connovers Colossal Asparagus AS103

A 19th century heirloom that is still beloved by market farmers and home... Read More
Cosmo - Black Magic

Cosmo - Black Magic FL242

(Cosmos atrosanguineus). Chocolate scented cosmos, originally from the... Read More
Dahlia - Sunny Reggae

Dahlia - Sunny Reggae FL307

An award winning heirloom dahlia, easy to grow and incredibly beautiful.... Read More
Datil Pepper

Datil Pepper HPP191

(Capsicum chinense) Renowned pepper originating from St. Augustine, Florida.... Read More
Easter Basket Mix Radish

Easter Basket Mix Radish RD159

A magnificent mixture of some of the most colorful spring radishes on the... Read More
Echinacea - Green Twister

Echinacea - Green Twister HB184

An ornamental medicinal beloved by butterflies, birds and bees! Green twister... Read More
Echinacea - Mellow Yellow

Echinacea - Mellow Yellow HB186

A pollinator attracting perennial in a lovely range of yellow colors. A... Read More
Eucalyptus citriodora - Lemon Scented Gum

Eucalyptus citriodora - Lemon Scented Gum HB248

Wonderfully fragrant Australian native makes an excellent scented house... Read More
Feverfew - White Stars

Feverfew - White Stars HB132

Soft, sunny clouds of lemon yellow and white make this a cheerful self-sowing... Read More
Gaillardia - Lollipop Mix

Gaillardia - Lollipop Mix FL114

Add a touch of warmth to the color palette with this breathtaking mix of... Read More
Gaillardia - Lorenziana

Gaillardia - Lorenziana FL181

Antique, extra showy variety dating back to at least 1886. Formerly known... Read More
Ganjyu Bitter Melon

Ganjyu Bitter Melon BM116

An extra-large light green heirloom from Japan. Fruit is large and uniform... Read More
Giant Bullet Head Wax Melon

Giant Bullet Head Wax Melon WX111

A mammoth version of the ancient winter melon from Asia. Wax melon has... Read More
Giant Red Celery

Giant Red Celery CE112

A traditional red celery variety, tried and trusted by generations of... Read More
Giant Show King

Giant Show King SQ177

Break records and impress your garden pals with this mammoth squash developed... Read More
Golden Alexandria Strawberry

Golden Alexandria Strawberry GR224

The perfect patio strawberry, looks amazing in mixed plantings. The high... Read More
Green Mountain Winter Celtuce

Green Mountain Winter Celtuce LT182

This massive stem lettuce variety is popular in Southwest China. Originally... Read More
Heirloom Vegetable Gardening

Heirloom Vegetable Gardening BK101

2nd Edition- An essential gardeners resource, in this guide, William Woys... Read More
Honeywort - Kiwi Blue (Cerinthe major purpurascens)

Honeywort - Kiwi Blue (Cerinthe major purpurascens) FL277

An recently ‘rediscovered’ ancient flower, grown in European gardens since... Read More
Jibai Shimoshirazu Cucumber

Jibai Shimoshirazu Cucumber CU102

Delectable variety from Japan. The sweetest cucumber we have tasted, a... Read More
Kabouli Black Garbanzo Bean

Kabouli Black Garbanzo Bean AB111

An improvement on an ancient garbanzo bean variety from Afghanistan. A... Read More
Kurobe Watermelon

Kurobe Watermelon WM215

An extra jumbo watermelon that can be found individually wrapped in rope... Read More
Landis Winter Lettuce

Landis Winter Lettuce WW106

(Lactuca sativa) We acquired this dark green classic Pennsylvania Dutch... Read More
Lemon Balm - Golden

Lemon Balm - Golden HB266

An ornamental version of a favorite fragrant perennial herb. Gilded foliage... Read More
Lemon Spice Jalapeño

Lemon Spice Jalapeño HPP144

A stunning burst of fruity flavor and vibrant color makes this our most... Read More
Manpukuji Carrot

Manpukuji Carrot CR138

A super long carrot from Japan. Manpukuji is descended from the ancient... Read More
Micro Tom Tomato

Micro Tom Tomato TM105

Astounding! The worlds shortest tomato plant, fit for a fairy garden, reaching... Read More
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