Chinese Shawo Fruit Radish

67% of 100
Unique bright green radish from North China with sweet flavor. Known in Beijing as a fruit radish, the roots are crisp and sweet, considered a tasty fruit substitute similar in texture and taste to pear. Northern Chinese winters are notoriously harsh; these long cylindrical radishes sweeten up when exposed to frost and make a nutritious mid-winter snack. This variety is traditionally offered as a sliced fresh “fruit” at Beijing tea parties in winter-time. These opulent tea parties are thrown to celebrate the famous Peking Opera. We also love this beautiful bright green radish root as a winter time snack. Grows well only in cool weather and is great for a fall planting only. Plant about 50-60 days before frost in the late summer. To get the sweet fruit like favor it must be grown in the right conditions, otherwise it can be considered to be quite spicy.
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Minimum Seed Count: 200
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