'Jyunpaku' Okinawan Pure White Bitter Melon

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A natural marvel, the purest white bitter melon variety we know of, reminds us of the elegant white pearls found off the coast of Okinawa. The most stunning edible ornamental, this extra large, mild Japanese bitter melon bears pearly white, mellow flavored fruit. Refined, less bitter flavor that is still quite nutritionally potent and health promoting. Okinawan bitter melon has been identified as one of the key dietary staples owing to the world famous longevity of the people of this beautiful Japanese island. The lightly bitter flesh has been shown to have medicinal value in regulating blood sugar and preventing diabetes! Interestingly, the bitter melon does develop a sweetness as it ripens. When fruit are mature, a bright red sac forms around the seeds which is sweet and bright red. The seed pulp of this variety is the best of any bitter melon we have tried, a sweet cherry candy flavor! The thick fruit averages 8-10 inches long. The fruit is typically cut thick and added to soups or shaved thin and eaten raw, we have found the flavor to be by far the most superior of all bitter melon. This may be the truest Okinawan treasure, a beautiful secret to longevity and good health!
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Minimum Seed Count: 5
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